Researches have proven that having one session of acupuncture before embryo transfer and one after transfer on the day of transfer increases the success rates significantly. These treatments boost circulation to the uterus and prevent uterine spasm, as well as help embryo development and implantation.

If it is convenient for you to attend our acupuncture clinic both before and after the embryo transfer on the transfer day, that will be perfect. However if time or scheduling pressures prevent that, we will arrange two acupuncture treatments before and after embryo transfers within 24 hours for you in order to achieve best result.

If you don’t have enough budget for acupuncture treatments through the whole IVF or ICSI procedure, embryo transfer acupuncture will be your best choice, which could increases the success rates by 65%.

For more information, please check our IVF & ICSI Support page.